An initial consultation is an opportunity to get to know each other, to describe your concerns and to find out how I may be able to help.


From the assessment onwards I will endeavour to make the process of therapy as transparent as possible. It is important that you should always feel in full control and free to discuss anything that arises knowing you are in a safe, non judgemental space.


Initial Consultation

An initial consultation lasts up to 1 hour and serves the purpose of deciding whether or not we feel we can work together. It is an opportunity for you to assess me as much as the other way round. You are under no obligation to commit to working with me or indeed with any other therapist after this first meeting if you are not convinced that you actually do want to do so.

In the course of the initial consultation I will ask you to outline your concerns and your reasons for seeking therapy at this particular time. We will explore your background and your current circumstances as well as what you would like to get out of therapy. I will then outline a provisional formulation of your issues and a therapeutic plan. After discussing these, you will have time to ask any questions you may have.

At the end of this session I will ask you to reflect for a day or so at least on whether you want to continue working with me. If you decide to do so we will discuss the best way of working together.

This may involve weekly, fortnightly or even monthly meetings depending on your needs and my availability.

Everyone above the age of 16 is welcome regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. I accept both private clients and NHS referrals.


Duration of Therapy

The length of time we will work together depends on individual cases and can vary from just a few sessions to longer term work. I will have a sense of how many sessions I feel are required after the initial assessment and will negotiate this with you on the basis of the therapeutic objectives we agree on. Whatever it is decided, however, remains open to review.

This flexibility is needed because of what may emerge in the course of our work together and because your therapeutic objectives may change. For example, you may come to see me with a concern around panic attacks and we may have agreed on 6 sessions to address this presenting problem. In the course of therapy, however additional issues may emerge, such as for example a general dissatisfaction with your current relationships or life-style. It is then open to negotiation whether to continue therapy to explore these additional concerns and how many more sessions may be needed to do so.



My fees for individual therapy are £80 per one hour session. My fees for clinical supervision are £70 per hour. I am registered with private health insurance companies such as BUPA, PPP, Aviva and Cigna. Please contact your insurance company to check the referral procedures.

I also offer a limited number of reduced fee sessions. Please contact me to discuss and to check availability.on



The work we do together remains strictly confidential at all times. On those rare occasions where I have reason to believe that a client may be posing a serious danger to themselves or others I am professionally bound by duty of care to inform their G.P. or any relevant other. Even then, however I would endeavour to ensure that this is done with the client’s full knowledge and consent.

If you do not get a reply when trying to get in touch with me, please leave a message indicating how I can reach you, whether by phone or email. Please note that to protect your confidentiality I will not automatically phone you back if you do not specify a number for me to call where it is ok for me to leave a message.